Gruppo Great Canadian Cycling Challenge


From January to December 2023, we challenge you to stretch your total distance traveled. Your total kilometers will be accumulated with both indoor & outdoor rides which have been tracked through Strava. Your goal is your goal; part way across Canada, all the way across, maybe even there & back. You choose and we will track.⁠

To join:

  1. Email
  2. Click here and select 'request to join' button
  3. The course can be seen here.  No matter how far you plan to ride this year, we all start in Whitehorse, YK.


  • All riders have to sign up on our before Feb 28, 2023.
  • Only kilometers and elevation gain that are accumulated through Strava will be utilized show each rider's position.
  • Weekly updates will be provided through the Gruppo Great Canadian Cycling Challenge - Update.  Update will show each riders' total distance traveled and elevation gain since Jan 1, 2023.  All riders that have that have joined before Feb 28, 2023 will show total distance and elevation gain accumulated since Jan 1, 2023.  In order to receive the access to the link each rider will have to provide an email so we can give you access.  
  • Weekly updates will also show which province each rider is in, note that you can only move to the next province if you have accumulated both the distance and required elevation.  As an example to leave British Columbia (BC) you have to have traveled 3630 km and 33382 m of elevation gain.  If you have 4000 km with 25000 m of elevation gain, you will remain at the BC - AB border until you have climbed 33382 m.  As soon as you surpass the elevation requirement you will be advanced along the map according to distance traveled.
  • To assist riders with the elevation requirements, the weekly update report will show each rider's current Elevation Factor.  The elevation factor is calculated by dividing the total meters climbed by the total km traveled.  To exit BC as an example the factor is = 33382 m / 3630 km = 9.2 m/km.  Each report will show each rider's current elevation factor, if you are below your number will be displayed in RED, if you are above it will be displayed in GREEN.  This is intended to help you get to each border with both the distance and elevation required to leave a province.  Tracking a little below the 9.2 m/km in BC, pick routes that are higher that 9.2 m/km, climbing Alpe Du Zwift has a factor or 61 m/km, a good way to increase your factor.
  • We will show all riders participating (125 presently) on a large wall map, each rider will have a magnet assigned with initials so you will see how you fair with respect to other participants.  
  • Weekly or monthly updates will be provided through email - we will add all participants to this update, should you not wish to receive the updates, simply unsubscribe - these emails will come from our Gruppo Mailchimp account.  In the email updates we are planning on showing where 3 of the riders are positioned on their journey across Canada - showing a city or landmark that may be a bit of a geography lesson, a link to the Gruppo Great Canadian Cycling Challenge - Status Report and a image or two of the map of Canada showing where each rider is positioned.
  • Remember everyone's goal will be different - some will want to cross the Canada in the year, some may wish to get from the Yukon to Alberta, others may wish to get across as fast as possible, no matter your goal, our hope is that this challenge keeps you motivated and moving the entire year.

  • Not sure how to link Strava and Zwift? Click here!
  • As the season unfolds I expect that we will post weekly rides starting at different times to support the various time-zones we have covered.  If you are interested in leading a Zwift ride you can simply post it on the Strava Club page, we will see what emerges here.

We will do our best to support this year long challenge, providing updates and inspiration to keep you going all year.  If you have suggestions or questions email me directly at