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Drink within 30 minutes of workout to support full recovery and prevent muscle fatigue.

Gruppo's RESCUE consists of a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein - perfectly formulated to optimize the recovery process. Just add 2 scoops to 400mL/14oz of water to fully support recovery after the toughest strength and conditioning sessions. [+]

KEY FACTS   Servings: 17  |   Calories/Serving: 310  |   Protein: 25g [+]

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Ryan Linn

I take this after every run or ride. It really seems to help with muscle recovery and prevents aches. I’m quickly reminded when I forget.

Les Shipp

It is filling and easy on the stomach.

Colin Broadbent

Very good and effective

tom nesbitt
The Name Says it All

I love this product. Its the best post workout fuel for multiple hard days. Also tastes delicious - pro tip, I mix mine with oat milk!
Tom - Surface Cycling

Ryan L.
Excellent recovery product.

I've tried many different products over the years to ease and quicken the recovery of my muscles and body from cycling (be it short and intense, or long endurance rides) as well as running. Rescue is spectacular. By far the best recovery product I've used. It eliminates my muscle aches and my body feels ready the next day to do it all again when I use Rescue. It tastes great too. I am quickly reminded those nights and the following day if I do forget my Rescue post ride/run! Highly recommend Rescue.

Chermanna P
Gruppo Rescue - Vanilla

This was my first purchase. And it was a lucky find, cause a general search often results in other brands which I have not been able to relate to. But thanks to the place where I served, they use Gruppo nutrition for their high performance athletes (WADA approved), and I had to look no further. I personally practice for about 1.5-2 hours, at mod-high intensity and needed something really dependable and not keep checking reviews or product ingredients of different products.
I got Rescue, now nearly after 3 weeks of its use, I would say it has been a really good experience. The product mixes well, remains smooth and so far, I feel so much better with my after practice fuelling with Gruppo.
I would be a returning customer.

Thank you again.

Marcie O'Beirne
The best recovery drink out there!

Everything about rescue is great!!
The shake is smooth and tastes amazing! My whole family drinks it after a CrossFit workout.

Stacy Miskolczi
Best post workout there is

Since I started using this product I have had no soreness. I. Love the fact that this company uses minimal ingredients and that it’s Canadian made. I love the taste there is no chalky aftertaste. Never stop making this product .

Collin Maronese
Tracking the results

Now despite being more focused on high intensity work outs as a boxer, I was using this recovery blend during my endurance training schedule of running 60km in 8 days. I train 6 days a week on the balls of my feet so my calves take a beating, and usually when I feel excessive tears, I know I can expect to feel the lack of agility and mobility in training to even walking the next day or two. I stretched my calves for about 5 minutes per side after each 6.25km run, and at one day I fell behind and had to run 15km. I thought SURELY with how my calves felt I would be in rough shape the next day for the final runs. To my surprise, I felt 80% recovered and actually repaired! Any athlete knows the feeling... when your muscles feel rejuvenated. I figured I would 100% be struggling to walk out of bed, but with the stretching and taking Gruppo's RESCUE blend every night before bed with a blend of additional fruits plus my magnesium/calcium... I was really happy to say to myself "wow that protein actually helped." I also track my recoveries using my WHOOP heart rate band and it measures my recovery relative to my strain and sleep. I was in the "green zone" and all of the check boxes in my books granted me permission to have an equally strenuous training day. I highly recommend using RESUCUE for top performers. Having the stamps from informed choice and sport + WADA tested ... maybe thats the difference. Thanks guys. Love y'all.

Jean Collerette
Love Rescue.

Just love Rescue. Easy to digest and it give me the support I need during the night sleep.

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