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Many of our customers use this as a recovery drink.

The fully functional iced coffee cold brew that will power your morning meeting, afternoon spin, or evening run.

JOE was an instant game changer when we launched it in 2017. Often described as the last protein you will ever buy, this 21g protein drink is something that you get to have AND feel good about. [+]

Caffeine content: ~110mg 

KEY FACTS   Servings: 25  |   Calories/Serving: 190  |   Protein: 21g [+]

Customer Reviews

Based on 159 reviews
Parker Antal
Awesome product!

This is great fantastic protein. I'm a minimalist and generally use the Raw unflavored protein from Gruppo, but recently I have been having a little bit of Joe as a treat. For a little extra protein, I add in a couple scoops of Raw unflavored and you still can't even tell it's protein powder. I gave some Joe to a friend who strongly dislikes all protein powders, and he loved it. He said that the taste was great and he couldn't even tell that there was whey in it. I will definitely be ordering more as soon as I run out.

Shari Schaepper
Delicious !

This is a great tasting protein drink and doesn’t have that typical protein taste! It mixes really well! We keep coming back for more!

Dawn Morgan
Great addition to my morning coffee!

Great way to get some extra protein, but also still enjoy my morning coffee. 10/10 for sure.

Dave Wilsom

Not enough good things to say abiut the product. Quality ingredients, mixes phenomenally, tastes fantastic. Would recommend to anyone looking to hit protein intake who also like a cup of coffee. I used to mix random protein powder with cold brew which was clumpy and not great tasting. This product blew me away.

Steve Trento
Great cup of Joe

Joe is excellent. It has a great taste if you like ice coffee and hits the spot in the morning before my workout. Blends perfectly in my mixer cup. Would definitely recommend this product.

Heather Pady
Perfect morning recovery!

No chalky consistency at all. Mixed with water and ice for a delicious coffee flavoured post workout drink. As a morning exerciser this is now my go to recovery drink!

Excellent product!

I usually use this in the morning before race if I don’t have the three hours for a meal to digest. Very easy on the stomach, and just filling enough. I’ve also used a sip here and there during a 24 hour race to change up the pallet and get some caffeine with zero stomach issues, and I believe protein is necessary during endurance sports. I love coffee, but on an empty stomach, it can be harsh, whereas Joe always sits perfectly fine.

Mark Patterson
Sons and his friends love it too!!

Having a garage gym this is the perfect drink to have before (and sometimes after) a wod ! My two sons, 23 and 24, love this cold brew and beats the products I bought in the past. Thanks Gruppo for a gr8 glass of “Joe”. This adds to my “ Raw and Repair” supplements as well !!

Got my Co-workers hooked…

Better than a Tim Horton’s Ice Cap…. Actually tastes like coffee. Shared some with my coworkers who also lift and now they too are addicted.

Katrina Coulter
Beat Protein Coffee Drink!

Joe is my new favorite go-to! Blends perfectly and tastes amazing while fuelling or helping me recover from a big workout.

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